Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Been really slack updating this as I just tend to forget.  Since last update we have had various things for school going on - camp, pet show day, market day and lots of school assignments to be completed.  But in between this time I have been setting up my own little cupboard at home and selling some of my necklaces & bits & pieces.  Really enjoy & I hope that by word of mouth it will expand and if it doesn't well never mind at least I'm enjoying myself in the process.

Below is a couple of pic's of things that I have put in for people to purchase.  Let me know what you think or what I could improve on, as I am very new to this.

 My necklaces that I am making

 Decorated box for popping in my magnets I make

 Decorative flags for scrapbooking or for delicious cupcakes that my daughter made.

 Magnet pegs that are going out the door

 Gingerbread men crayons, these went like hotcakes at the school market.

 Small sample of christmas cards

And finally my magnets

You can always check out other bits I've been doing on paperchains cupboard.

So really I haven't been slackening around I've just been doing stuff and enjoying myself.  Looking forward to all the wonderful craft fairs that are coming up here in Christchurch although I suspect my son won't be in the least bit interested.

I found this old cream bottle in my boxes in the garage so decided to fill it with buttons.

Its time I got into my vegie patch and sorted it out as it is a complete shambles and has been very neglected, mind you with being in the red zone I won't be planting to much stuff as we will be moving in the near future.

And to end this mixed up posting I thought I would just show a picture of the daisy that I love which is apparently a weed but I need it in my garden and this year there is masses of it popping up everywhere - yipee I say.

thanks for looking